Treasure Chest Thursday - Sarongs and cats!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

This is a picture I treasure. It is of me and my three sisters when we lived oversea's in Bandung Indonesia! We lived there for two years out of our young lives. Although we did not regularly wear sarongs, it was fun to dress up in the native costume from time to time.

The cats - well - let me tell you. We had a female cat and noticed she went missing for a few days. One of us walked by a dresser in one of the bedrooms and heard "meaow". There our cat was - with four little kittens in a dresser drawer! At night time - the cat would bring her kittens one by one up onto one of my sisters bed. I thought it was gross and they looked like tiny rats. What a weird experience.

When we were young like in this picture - we would say "let's stand in stair steps"! We were all from 15 - 18 months apart so when we were in "stair steps" we would also be oldest to youngest. Today we are pretty much the same height so no more "stair steps" for us!

From time to time I will be telling stories and things that us kids did when we were little, as teens and the more recent adults years.

One thing in this world that I treasure is my wonderful sisters.

Standing from oldest to youngest. Nancy, Mary, Susan and Sandy


Greta Koehl said...

I love this picture and the neat story behind it. Those must have been an interesting couple of years.

Nathan Hellman said...

If you stood in order from oldest to youngest today, would it still be in stair steps?