Look at these Love Birds!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

These birds were pecking at my window.  They were so cute.  I think they saw themselves because it is reflected glass from the outside.  They were playing there for about 5 minutes.  I was able to get pretty close to them and take a picture from the inside.  Just could not help myself!  Does anyone know what kind of bird these are?  They have that fan type thing at the top of their head.  I figure they are male and female.  I have seen them before about a week ago or so, walking around the grounds.

Super Sister Sunday - Ever Play Dress Up?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Susan, Nancy, Sandy and Mary '68 or '69
Did you ever play dress up with your Grandma or mom's clothes?  Our Grandma Lyon saved every article of clothing.  She had several closets literally full of clothes, plus the accessories! She seemed to have been quite the fashion bug.

I remember her wearing a matching dress, shoes,  gloves, purse and belt.  Many of them color themed, such as pink and blue.  At one point I swear her hair was even blue!

When us girls came home on furlough during the years we lived overseas we had a lot of time to play around at each of our Grandparent's home. 

Grandma never seemed to mind us digging around in her closets either and that was a good thing.  It kept us occupied for hours!  I'm sure we never put anything back the way we found it.  Her closets were probably a total mess from four of us scrounging around in them.

Thank you Grandma for the memories.

So......Did You Play Dress Up?

Follow Friday - Check out these video's!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

For Follow Friday I must say the nostalgic video's at Cagle Genealogy are a treat.  It was neat to see how families in the late 1800's lived, their farm life, the family unit and how things have changed through time.  Thanks Cable Genealogy!

Check out the video's!  You will be glad you did.

Happy Hunting.

Interlibrary Loan - I am shocked!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Well shame on me for not trying this before!  I really wanted a book that was recommended to me by a new cousin I found.  It had to do with our family history.  So I went online to see if my library had it and of course the did not.  While on their website I noticed inter-library loan.  So I clicked on that and it took me to a page where I had to create a separate log-in in order to use it so I signed  up.

Then I searched for the book and it took me to Wildcat, a huge on-line library.  You can find any book on it and what libraries have it.  They even tell you how many miles away it is!  So I found the book I wanted. It was clear off in Texas and I live in Oregon.  They guided me through the steps and I completed my request.

I really must say - it worked!  Two weeks later, my local library e-mailed me telling me the book was there and ready for pick up.  Sure enough it was!  Plus - there was no charge!  Yipee!!

This book is fat.  It is amazing and I was able to find my ancestor's easily.  Just what my new cousin said.  There are no extensions for borrowing the book, so I'll need to return it to my library in about three weeks.

This is an amazing service.  If you have not done this before you should try it.  I'm sure a lot of you are laughing because you have used it many times.  I want to encourage those who are just like me to try it out.  You will be amazed.

Happy Hunting.

Happy Mother's Day - 1939 Style

Friday, May 6, 2011

My grandma and one of her sisters used to love to make up cards for people.  Here are a few pages out of a scrapbook they did for their mother Minnie (Hanson) Fahl in 1939.

They would color.  With precision they would cut pictures out of magazines and carefully paste them. They would also draw pictures too.

In all the records they always called her "Mother".  Or "Dear Mother."  Never Mom.

There are more pages with poems from various authors, and song lyrics too.

Also a poem written by one of their brothers.  I'm sure Minnie loved her Mother's Day scrapbook.

I am really excited I actually have the scrapbook!

Here is a picture of Minnie, my Great Grandmother.  Love the hat.
She was born on August 22, 1876 in Stockholm, Sweden and died November 12, 1950 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Happy Mother's Day Dear Mother's!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Remember when people used to just drop by for a visit?  "So and so stopped by for a visit." and we visited for quite awhile they would say.  Do you remember people just dropping by?  Do you remember when your parents and all your siblings would pile into the car, go for a drive and the next thing you new we were "visiting" a family?

Do you have people just drop by?  Just recently my mother-in-law was upset because she found out someone came out for a "visit" and they were not home.  She was so upset she missed the visit.  I heard it many times recently.  Most of these people that talk about "visiting" are the older generation.  Have we all missed something?  They would say indeed!

It seems especially important to the ladies.  Ladies love to talk! Of course men like to show each other their latest tool or go into their man caves for awhile.

Today, if people all of a sudden showed up at our doorstep without calling first, we would most likely be offended!  Maybe that is just us though.

By the way.......thanks for stopping by for a visit!  We had a great visit, don't you think? 

Happy hunting.