Tombstone Tuesday - Quivey

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today I chose this tombstone. It is of my great great great grandparents. They are at rest, in the Hazelwood Cemetery in Grinnell, Iowa.

I am happy to say this picture was taken by me in 2008 on a visit there with my sisters and niece. It is a lovely cemetery.

Interesting - before my trip from Oregon I contacted the cemetery. They confirmed for me Linus and Anna were buried there, along with some other relatives as well. I let them know the exact date we would be there for a visit. They said they would put some flag stakes by the graves so we could find them easily. When we drove into the cemetery there were some workers. I asked my sister to stop, which she did. Before I could get any words out of my mouth the guy said "looking for Quivey"? I could not believe it. He said to follow him, which we did and he showed us exactly where the Quivey's were buried - in two locations. How cool is that?