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Tombstoneless Tuesday - Where is Anna?

Monday, June 28, 2010

photo taken by Linda Swanson, Gr Gr Grandaughter

This blog is dedicated to my gr gr Grandmother, Anna Davis.

According to the Woodland Cemetery in Des Moines, Iowa, Anna Davis is buried alongside her husband with their son, George W Davis next to them. In the picture above George W Davis's tommbstone is on the left and Andrew S Davis's tombstone on the right. What happened to Anna's tombstone? I really wish I knew.

Anna was born in October of 1836 in Ohio. This was a second marriage for her. The first marriage was to Melvin J Needham who died from his wounds in Florida during the civil war. After my gr gr Grandfather Andrew S Davis mustered out at the end of the war he married Anna on November 6, 1866 at the home of B L Allen's and Anna Needhams home in Polk County, Iowa. She died on January 24, 1915 in Des Moines, Iowa.

I wish I knew about her.

Tombstone Tuesday - Andrew S. Davis

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Andrew S. Davis
B April 20, 1821
D November 24, 1898

Woodland Cemetery
Des Moines, Iowa

Woodland Cemetery chapel.

Des Moines Daily News, November 25, 1898

DAVIS- Andrew, aged 77 years at his home, 2108 Woodland avenue, November 24, at 3:30 p.m. Mr. Davis was a member of Crocker post, G.A.R. and the funeral services tomorrow at 3 p.m., will be under the direction of that post. They will be held at the Cemetery chapel, Dr. Eaton officiating. Mr. Davis leaves a wife and children as follows: Mrs. B. F. Gifford, of 1115 Locust street; Geo. Davis, a member of the Fiftieth Iowa; also step-sons, Frank Needham, of Lowell, Mass., and J. H. Needham, of Chicago. Crocker Post members will assemble at the Cemetery chapel, at the request of Commander H. B. Hedge.


Note: The obituary above mentions he is survived by a wife and children. Andrew's wife was not noted there. Her name was Anna (Schafer) Needham Davis. This was a second marriage for Anna. Mrs. B. F. Gifford was their daughter Zena (Davis) Gifford.

Monday Madness - Driving me coo-coo!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today is Monday Madness. The frustrations I have regarding my Gr Gr Grandfather are huge! Sometimes I feel like I am obsessed with being a detective trying to figure him out. Believe me at this point, I am way farther along than I was a couple of years ago which is a good thing.

When reading the blogs from fellow blog members I keep hoping I will come across something that will totally "click". If any one is interested, please read the following on what I do have on him.

My gr gr grandfather, Andrew S. Davis was born in Hardy County, Virginia April of 1821 according to his civil war pension file records. We also found from those records he could not read or write. We stil have no idea what his middle name is except for the letter "S".

Here is the deal. I have no idea who his parents are or if he had any siblings. The next record we found after the supposed date of birth is in Des Moines, Iowa area. He enlisted in the civil war at the age of 40, survived the war and mustered out a full corporal at the end of the war in Louisville, KY in 1865.

I have found a census record of him living with Uriah White and his family before the civil war. One daughter was names Hanah. Later - Andrew's son, George W Davis (b1872 d 1932) is listed in a census living with Uriah White and his daughter Hanah when George was about 13 years old. I'm trying to figure out the connection there as well.

After the war, he married Anna (Schafer) Needham, (second marriage for her)in Nov of 1866 in Polk County, Des Moines, Iowa. He lived out the rest of his life in the Des Moines area and is buried in the Woodland Cemetery in Des Moines. Date of death, Nov 24, 1898.

Anna and Andrew also had a daughter named Zena. B 4/30/1870 D 06/06/1932. She married Benjamin F Gifford on Oct 26, 1891 in Des Moines, Iowa. They ever had any children.

From what I have tried, there are no birth or death records available for him.

I would love any information and/or photo's.