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Super Sister Sunday - Ever Play Dress Up?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Susan, Nancy, Sandy and Mary '68 or '69
Did you ever play dress up with your Grandma or mom's clothes?  Our Grandma Lyon saved every article of clothing.  She had several closets literally full of clothes, plus the accessories! She seemed to have been quite the fashion bug.

I remember her wearing a matching dress, shoes,  gloves, purse and belt.  Many of them color themed, such as pink and blue.  At one point I swear her hair was even blue!

When us girls came home on furlough during the years we lived overseas we had a lot of time to play around at each of our Grandparent's home. 

Grandma never seemed to mind us digging around in her closets either and that was a good thing.  It kept us occupied for hours!  I'm sure we never put anything back the way we found it.  Her closets were probably a total mess from four of us scrounging around in them.

Thank you Grandma for the memories.

So......Did You Play Dress Up?

Super Sister Sunday - The Lyon Sisters

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nancy, Mary, Susan and Sandy

Today I write about my sisters and me. This picture was taken right before we headed overseas to live in Indonesia for two years. It was taken in Des Moines, Iowa in 1962.

We did not know what to expect going overseas. The only thing I could think of was men with beige shorts and shirts and a helmet! I must have seen pictures of guys like this. Happily that was not the case. Of course on our mind also were snakes and weird bugs. I can remember our passport photo was taken with our mother, Marjorie (Davis) Lyon so for the five of us we only had one passport.

Sometimes us kids would have matching outfits, but most of the time not.

I can remember the touchdown in Djakarta, Indonesia was a terrible landing. The plane totally bounced, which released all the oxygen masks. It probably did at least three big bounces before all wheels were on the ground. Since then, I have had a phobia about flying. We could not believe all the kids and people behind the fences looking at us as we walked by to go to customs. This was the first of many looks and stares during our time in Indonesia.

What an experience!

My sisters are super!