Sentimental Sunday - Strawberries and Ice Cream

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's June now and although the strawberries in Oregon are late this year because of the rain rain rain, I cannot wait until they are ready and the fruit stands start selling them. It will start happening this week I believe.

Being that today is Sentimental Sunday and thinking about strawberries coming soon, a fond memory came to mind. I thought about my grandparents farm in Ruthven, Iowa. Always on a Sunday, Grandma, my Aunt's and my mother would start preparing the strawberries. There were a ton of them to prepare. Grandpa and some of the Uncles would start cranking the old fashioned ice cream makers. Several of us cousins would help with the cranking, such as 50 cranks each. Then that evening everyone got some ice cream with plenty of strawberries on it! There were lots of cousins, Uncles and Aunts all enjoying strawberries and home made ice cream on a hot Iowa evening. There never were any left overs! What a fond memory.

Yum, Yum.


Mary said...

Yummy, strawberries! We use to have a lot of those strawberry fields and the stands in southern California too. Will have to check my local farmer's market this week!

A rootdigger said...

Looking to see where your Hellman lived. Mistake on census has the ones I saw as Hellman, but should be Millman.
Then I saw this post and clicked. My grandfather came from Iowa too. And one of dads favorites was Ice Cream with Strawberries, and cantelope. It's one of my favorite too next to chocolate fudge topping. There were stories behind dads ice cream, but I don't know what it was. Wish I did. Ibet they thought they were in heaven to be able to buy it at the store instead of cranking it.