Sentimental Sunday - Grandma's Coffee

Sunday, June 27, 2010

As a kid, when my family was home from the Mission Field (Indonesia, Japan, Singapore) on furlough, we would spend many summer days staying at my Grandma and Grandpa Davis's house in Ruthven. I believe I have mentioned Ruthven before. :)

While my sisters were still alseep I would get up and head downstairs. It was a wrap around staircase and the second I got to the landing between the staircases the smell of coffee came wafting through my nose. Now I do not know what kind of coffee my grandmother used, but she did use a percalator type coffee maker. It smelled sooooo good. I loved the smell of it and even today if I smelled the same coffee I would recognize it.

There was also the sound of the radio that was always on a news type radio station. Come to think of it there was never any sight of Grandma or Grandpa. Weird. I suppose Grandpa was already in the field or junk yard or tending the farm animals and Grandma was in her garden.

The smell of that coffee will remain a memory forever. I wish I could go there today just for the smell of the coffee.


~Tracie~ said...

Love the story, it's so true how we can smell a certain scent and be transported back in time. Thanks for sharing :)