Thursday, May 5, 2011

Remember when people used to just drop by for a visit?  "So and so stopped by for a visit." and we visited for quite awhile they would say.  Do you remember people just dropping by?  Do you remember when your parents and all your siblings would pile into the car, go for a drive and the next thing you new we were "visiting" a family?

Do you have people just drop by?  Just recently my mother-in-law was upset because she found out someone came out for a "visit" and they were not home.  She was so upset she missed the visit.  I heard it many times recently.  Most of these people that talk about "visiting" are the older generation.  Have we all missed something?  They would say indeed!

It seems especially important to the ladies.  Ladies love to talk! Of course men like to show each other their latest tool or go into their man caves for awhile.

Today, if people all of a sudden showed up at our doorstep without calling first, we would most likely be offended!  Maybe that is just us though.

By the way.......thanks for stopping by for a visit!  We had a great visit, don't you think? 

Happy hunting.


Mary said...

Most of the old books I've been reading lately talk about people 'dropping in' to visit unannounced. If no one was home they would leave a 'calling card'. No on had telephone's in those days so it was hard to pre-arrange a visit. How times have it seems the younger generation has no time to visit!