Happy Mother's Day - 1939 Style

Friday, May 6, 2011

My grandma and one of her sisters used to love to make up cards for people.  Here are a few pages out of a scrapbook they did for their mother Minnie (Hanson) Fahl in 1939.

They would color.  With precision they would cut pictures out of magazines and carefully paste them. They would also draw pictures too.

In all the records they always called her "Mother".  Or "Dear Mother."  Never Mom.

There are more pages with poems from various authors, and song lyrics too.

Also a poem written by one of their brothers.  I'm sure Minnie loved her Mother's Day scrapbook.

I am really excited I actually have the scrapbook!

Here is a picture of Minnie, my Great Grandmother.  Love the hat.
She was born on August 22, 1876 in Stockholm, Sweden and died November 12, 1950 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Happy Mother's Day Dear Mother's!