You're kidding, right?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Well it is time to renew my driver's license.  Oregon has changed their requirements.  I have to prove that I am a US citizen.  The old hospital certificate of birth no longer proves anything.  Plus - I have to prove my name change from my birth, such as my wedding certificate.  Both items must be certified by the state.  Interesting, when I got my original license way back in the 70's  don't remember what I used.  Probably the nice certificate that has my little infant footprints on it with the seal from the hospital.

So.......guess what I get to do?  I get to order my own birth certificate from Iowa of all things! And - I get to order my own Marriage Certificate from Oregon as I only have a copy.  When we got married - also in the 70's - my husband and I lived on 10 acres in a little cabin/shack sort of place.  We had a burn pile.  I went to town and burned everything I could think of.  Wrapping papers & ribbons from the wedding - this and that - and of all things my original Marriage Certificate.  Not meaning to of course.  Back then I ordered a copy, so a copy is what I got.  Not certified.  Not good enough!

I suppose it will be nice to have a certified copy of each.  Don't worry - I live in the city and do not have burn piles anymore. It's a good thing.