Sentimental Sunday - Grandma's Wall Pictures

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It was a fluke that I found these pictures today. We are in the process of moving. Things were taken out of the loft, had a garage sale a couple of months ago and today there are only a few boxes left on the garage floor.

Mike, my husband said " is this important?" YES! In the 80's my mother asked us girls to come over and pick out some things that were my Grandma and her sister Edna's stuff. Otherwise she would throw it away. At the time - I was not into genealogy and so I picked out a few things. These pictures found in the box today, I remember were hung in my Grandma's guest room. I saw them everytime I went to her house as a young girl. I'm sure my sisters will remember as well. They are interesting.

Here is what it says on the back of them.

"Old Fashioned Garden"

Paired with "Blossom Time"

These truly beautiful creations are done in an exclusive hand process (right on the glass) exactly duplicating the world famous "Butterfly Wing" pictures. The delicate colors transferred directly to the glass prsent a pearly quality which makes them spring to life, and the glass itself seems to radiate an elusive ligbht.

Nothing has ever been offered before in America with such fineness of line, detail and rich coloring, and the "Butterfly Wing" effect process creates a brilliance not to be matched by any other type of decoratoin. In these very modern frames they will do credit to any room, and the particularly attractive when hung in pairs

Another "Reliance" Product

NEW YORK R. P. F. Co. Chicago

The picture on the left is "Old Fashioned Garden" and the one on the right is "Blossom Time".

I wish I knew if these were a gift or if my Grandma picked them out herself. Her name was Eleanor (Fahl) Lyon.



Nancy said...

I remember seeing these, or similar ones, on walls when I was a child, but I can't remember who had them. It's good your dad remembered whose house they were hanging in and that you learned a little more history. Keep them safe. Perhaps one of your children will want them.