Sentimental Sunday - Continued

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I've got the proof!
Last week I wrote about finding the two pictures that used to be in my Grandma Lyon's home. Today I even have the proof in a photo taken years ago.

Here it is! It's " Blossom Time" in the background on the wall.

In this picture. Back Row. Edna Fahl (my Great Aunt), Eleanor (Fahl) Lyon (my Grandmother)

Front Row. Melvin Lyon (my father), Minnie (Hanson) Fahl (my Great Grandmother) and Willis Lyon (my Grandfather)

A couple of thoughts. 1. Where is the other picture, "Old Fashioned Garden?" 2. What if this is actually my Great Grandmother's home and my Grandmother inherited the pictures from her? That is a question I will ask of my Dad straight away!
Look at that lampshade. That is hilarious!

"Hi Dad?.............."
Update: Believe it or not my Dad called me last night and was actually in town! So....he came over and I showed him the picture. He sat in front of the computer and really thought and thought and it finally came to him. This WAS my Gr Grandmother Minnie (Hanson) Fahl's home! He remembered the couch being in the corner like that and the living room was really crowded. He remembered it was right after he graduated from Oak Park Academy.
So....I am really excited to find out the picture (or pictures) came from my Great Grandmother! My dad also remembers seeing them on the wall of his mom's house in Nevada, Iowa.