Super Sister Sunday - The Hanson Gals

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Here is a neat picture of my Great Grandma (middle) and a couple of her sisters. These sisters were all born in Sweden and imigrated with their parents to the US, landing in Michigan for a few years, then moving to Iowa. They were three of 11 siblings! The records say that Alva (on the right) was born at sea!

There were 8 sisters and three brothers all born to Nicholas and Alma (Holstenson) Hanson. It would be so neat if someday I could trace down a picture of all the siblings and especially a picture of the 8 sisters! Looks like my gr grandmother was the oldest. I can spot a lot of facial features that my grandmother has from her.

Charlotte (Lottie), Flamina (Minnie) and Alva Hanson

The sibblings are as follows in order of birth.

Flamina (Minnie) Alma Hanson
B August 22, 1876 in Stockholm, Sweden
M Albert Frederick William Fahl, April 7, 1897 Marion,
D November 12, 1950, CedarRapids,
Buried in Oak Shade Cemetery, Marion, Linn County, Iowa

Charlotte (Lottie) Hanson
B December 21, 1877, Oscarsom, Sweden
M Charles Benedict

Alva Hanson
B September 9, 1879 at sea
M ? Putnam
D 1979

John Hanson
B 1880, Isapeming, Michigan
D 1882

Arthur W Hanson
B December 9, 1882 Isapeming, Michigan
D October 1963, Arizona

Maggie Hanson
B1884, Marion, Linn County, Iowa
M Clyde Carson

Halgie L Hanson
BAugust 8, 1886

Edith Hanson
B August 12, 1888 On the farm near Marion, Iowa
M ?? Gordon
D March 10, 1980, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Buried - Oak Shade Cemetery, Marion, Iowa

Emma Hanson
B August 30, 1891, Marion, Linn County, Iowa

Clara Hanson
B October 19, 1893, Marion, Linn County, Iowa

Hazel Hanson
B January 25, 1895, Marion, Linn County, Iowa


Margel said...

I wish you luck in finding a photo. We have a group photo of all the Swedish siblings who immigrated individually from my husband's family. It is a treasure. I love the old family photos. Thanks for the comment on my blog.