The Coin that survived the Civil War

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In honor of the 150th Anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War  I've chosen the following which I think you will enjoy.

Take a good look at this coin.  Look at the year.  Wow!

1858 50 cent piece
My Great Great Grandfather,
Andrew S Davis, put this coin in his boot and wore it all through the Civil War.  Family members say this was his "lucky" coin.  It served him well because he survived the war, married and began a new generation.  My cousin has this coin today and plans to give it to his son who he named Andrew Davis.  That is so cool!

Here is a note that his grandson, Stuart Davis (my grandfather) wrote regarding this coin.  I have transcribed it in case it is difficult for you to read.

"This 50 (cent) piece was carried by Grandfather Davis in Shermans March to the sea.  Also up the coast to Washington to be mustered out at the close of the war."

Andrew S. Davis enlisted in Company E, Iowa 4h Infantry Regement on August 8, 1861 at the age of 40.  He was wounded at one time and in a hospital for about 4 months.  He was promoted to Full Corporal on January 1, 1864.  He mustered out on July 24, 1865 at Louisville, KY.  He also was a flagholder at the Grand Army of the Republic in Washington at the close of the war.

I am so proud of my gr gr grandfather!

Here is the only picture the family has of Andrew S Davis.  We believe this was his wedding on November 6, 1866 to Anna Schafer. 

See more below:
Andrew Davis' unit 4th Iowa Infantry Company E fought in the battle of Pea Ridge. The Pea Ridge National Military Park is at that location today. He was in Sherman's "March to the Sea", which took place thru Georgie after Atlanta was "accidently" burned down. He also went up the ocast. After the war he was mustered out in Washington D.C. after they had the "Grand Review" (parade) of the Army. He fought for the Union.||This was in the book " History of Polk County" regarding the military.||550 HISTORY OF POLK COUNTY.||Castellin, Thomas (Costello], captured at Gaines' Landing, Miss.; December 24, 1862.|Danforth, Andrew J.|*Davis, Andrew S., veteranized as corporal January 1, 1864.|Dixon, John, discharged November 24, 1862.|

In case any one is reading this.  Andrew is my brick wall.  I have no idea what he did from the time he was born in West Virginia in 1821 until he joined the war in Iowa.  Course, Davis is a difficult name to research.  :)


Barbara Poole said...

Very nice. I can see why you blogged about this keepsake. Don't let anybody spend it!

Mary said...

WOW how nice! I have a couple of old coins stashed somewhere that are dated 18-- but not sure of the years. Will have to dig them out.