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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A post or so ago I wrote about Leah Hunt Riggs, a sister of my gr gr gr gr grandmother Rebecca Hunt Rivers. It was about how she (Leah) traveled to Oregon on the Oregon trail. Well, from there I wanted to find the guy (last name Hunt) who wrote the article. He surely is a relative!

I had found some correspondence through between Dean Hunt and a couple of other people and when I e-mailed him it came back as undeliverable. After all this was a conversation that had happened many years ago and it was about that article! So from there I e-mailed another lady that was included in that conversation and withing an hour (I'm not kidding!) I had a new e-mail address for Dean.

Then, about an hour after that I received an e-mail from Dean that read Hi Cousin! How thrilling. At least I thought so. Come to find out, he is a descendant of Rebecca and Leah's brother Tunstall Hunt. Tunstall is the maiden name of Rebecca, Leah's and Tunstall's mother Rachel, who married Ambrose Hunt on October 27, 1797. Wow!

This is the most thrilling and rewarding hobby ever!

So happy hunting and keep looking. You never know what you will find.


Mary said...

How cool! Isn't it amazing what happens on the internet?

Margel said...

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