Memorial Day - Missing Mom

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. If I could I would visit my mother's gravesite. She is buried in the little town of Ruthven Iowa in Crown Hill Cemetery. Although she died in 2007, in the spring of 2008 me and my sisters buried her ashes there in the town she grew up in where other family members are also buried. We were able to tell her right before she died that us girls would take her "home". She was thrilled.

I really miss you Mom. For those who like Find a Grave you can see her memorial I created for her. She is # 29678142. Thanks to Gini at Ginisology who showed me how to insert a link!!
Hope you all enjoy Memorial Day tomorrow.

Spooked Out But Going For It

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This is my very first blog. I have so enjoyed reading all of the genealogy bloggers on the web where there are so many interesting things to read including great tips and tricks! Recently I found out about Google Reader (that shows you how computer iliterate I am. Yeah, I'm a spaz sometimes) and have been using that with the RSS feeds. It's fantatic!

So....I am a little spooked to get this going. Just do not want to miss out on anything or any fun in the genealogy world out there.

The genealogy bug came a calling soon after my Mother passed away in 2007. Of her four daughters I was the one who ended up with her photo albums. One of them however, was complete with obituaries, photo's of gravestones, funeral cards and even some photo's of her Dad when he was really young. Some of the funeral cards were really old!

I do remember my mother telling me one time when I was looking at this album at her house "You may think that is weird Mary, but someday you will understand". Boy do I understand now! With the newspaper clippings and obituaries I got to thinking that I needed to see this information all laid out. Then I went on line to look for family trees and wah-la there you have it. I absolutely love this!

Soon I will sign up with Geneablogger and start posting regularly.

Wish me luck and happy hunting.